Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Gas Mileage

We just got back from a trip and had taken the pickup because it is so comfortable. We were very pleased with the mileage. The pickup is a full sized club cab GMC with a V8 engine. That is what Bill told me any way. We checked the over all gas mileage and we got over 18 miles per gallon. We thought that was quite good. It is too bad gas prices are so very high. It would be nice if the government could gain some control on the price. It is sad to think that we would now consider gas cheap at $2.00 per gallon.

Military Gear

When looking for tactical gear or other types of military attire, you will want to check out LA Police Gear. This website has so much to offer. There are items like morale patches, Bates Racon boots, tactical rush 24-hour bags and more. They also carry the 5.11 Tactical Pants, jackets and T-shirts. Along with all they carry, there are specials going on for free items and discounts. Be sure to check them out. It's always nice to receive the discount.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Clean Yard

Bill raked leaves a couple weeks ago and the yard looks very nice and clean. Soon we will be mowing. Bill noticed that one of our neighbors got a new John Deere lawn mower. We have a push mower that we bought a few years ago and it still works fine. Some day I am sure Bill will want a rider too.

Communicate Using An Answering Service

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Wednesday, April 23, 2008


It was mostly sunny today which was a nice change. We have had quite the winter. I know it is now spring and it is finally feeling like it. The weather man said it should be in the 50's this weekend , but soon it will be even warmer. I am tired of the cold and snow season.

PDA Medical Dictionary

One of the latest in high tech technology is the PDA medical dictionary. Now you will find over 50% of physicians across the world carrying either a PDA (personal digital assistant) or a smartphone. With these, PDA medical software is made readily available to them. The medical software is created by such companies as Epocrates, Inc. This reference software is a drug guide that can be loaded into a PDA or smartphone, allowing doctors access to information helping them in prescribing decisions such as drug dosing, side effects and health plan coverage. The physician can pull out his PDA while still in the exam room and look up how one drug use may affect another. It is easy and quick. Join over 500,000 other healthcare professionals already using this great product.

“This announcement was paid for by Epocrates.”

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Old Shows

There are several old television shows that are fun to watch. We enjoy some of the newer shows too but the older ones are still our favorites. Many of the westerns we watch are those that we had watched when we were young kids. The Rifleman is one that we like to watch. We even record them so if we miss the show we can watch it later.

Rare Coins

Through out the ages it has been said that investing in precious metals is a financially security. Monaco Rare Coin is one of the Monex family companies that can assist you in doing just that. With their professional and knowledgeable staff you will find that they have a lot of different investment programs and products to choose from. There is something to fit most any one's financially budget. Monex has helped thousands of investors and collectors with the purchases of hard asset investments such as gold, silver and rare coins. With their unique and huge resources, you are sure to be pleased. Click on to their site and see for yourself.


It is nice to finally have sunshine. We have had a long winter but now spring is here. Today we have clear skies which is quite a switch. Some of the country got some snow the past couple days but fortunately we didn't get any. Bill got the yard raked the other day and soon we will be mowing. We love summer.

Saturday, April 12, 2008


We have missed watching some of our favorite shows.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Looking Again

Bill is always on the lookout for houses that are for sale in our town. We have remodeled our home and it does us just fine but he thinks there may be something else out there that might interest us. The last house he showed me on a website was very outdated. An older lady has the house and it would appear that the carpet is original to 1973! After installing new windows and siding last year I don't think I am ready for a change like that. I would like to have a fireplace and the house he showed me doesn't have one. Sorry Bill.

Credit Cards

In today's fast pace world we find it easier to charge our purchases and take advantage of some of the great opportunities that are given with credit cards. We receive a large selection through the mail and often are unsure of what credit cards are best suited for our personal needs. Now you can go to a website, low interest credit card offers, and you will find great comparisons on all different kinds of credit cards. They even supply listings for the UK, Canada and Belgium. So it's made easier for the foreign citizens as well. On their site you will find comments by customers who have tried and are using some of these credit card offers. There are cards that allow you to transfer balances, have low interest, bad credit and for your everyday purchases. You will find Visa, MasterCard,American Express, Discover and more. Click in and browse and compare for yourself. Find the credit card that will best meet your needs.

Chicken For Supper

Well, Bill did it again. He made one of my favorite meals for supper last night. It was a chicken and stuffing meal. There is chicken, cream of chicken soup, milk and the stuffing mix in it. He also made some biscuits. Wow, what a guy I have. The recipe is on the box of the stuffing mix. Bill follows recipes pretty well.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Birthday Cards

Have you ever tried to find birthday cards for family or friends only to find out that the store was either out of the one you wanted, or was just too expensive? As a mom I know that it can be a real challenge to find cards for everyone, sometimes at the last minute. At cardsdirect.com you can stock up on cards and buy in bulk so you have them when you need them. You are able to save time by buying online and not having to run to the store for cards all the time. The cards are easily personalized for the right occasion and person. I have paid over $4 for a birthday card in the store and with cardsdirect.com I can actually personalize my cards and still not pay that much. The cards are so easy to create and personalize too. You might say that you don't have the time to create and personalize birthday cards. What if I were to tell you that their customer service will actually do the work for you while you are on the phone with them? I have never heard of a company that will do that. Save time and money, check out cardsdirect.com today and see what they have to offer you. I have attached a picture of one of my favorite cards that I found at cardsdirect.com.