Saturday, August 30, 2008


It was sure nice to be home today and work on somethings around the house. I made a pan of pumpkin bars for the kids who are coming tonight and tomorrow. I also worked on balancing my checkbook and bills. Did some ironing and other small jobs around the house. Supper time came and I decided to make a dish I hadn't made in quite some time. It calls for ringed sausage, turkey or bologna (take your pick), sliced potatoes, carrots and onion. Add a little water, salt, pepper and a few drops of Tabasco sauce and fry it up in an electric fry pan. It sure was good with a few crescents.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Spider Traps

If you are like me there have been times when there has been a need to set traps to get rid of pests such as mice, flies and ants. I didn't realize until recently that there are actually spider traps. In the past I have had my husband spray insect killer in the garage to take care of spiders. I wish I would have known then what I know now about the spider traps.


We picked up our new ottoman today. It matches our sofa and love seat perfectly. We were able to bring it home in the back of the pickup so there was no delivery fee. It really adds a nice touch to our addition. I am glad we were able to find the one we wanted. It has been fun to shop for new furnishings. Slumberland has been a great resource.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Omaha Wrongful Death Attorney

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Monday, August 25, 2008

New Driveway

We have neighbors down the street that are getting a new driveway. There has been quite a lot of noise from the heavy equipment the past few days. They have been tearing out the old driveway and preparing for the new. It will be very nice when it is finished. I think the new cement driveway is going to be much wider than the other one. I think we will be looking into that very soon also. We would like to pour a new double wide drive in back next spring.

Auto Repair

Have you ever had an issue with an auto body repair shop? Well, with being the owner of many vehicles throughout the years, we have found ourselves looking for a good auto body repair shop. Now online you can find Nationwide Collision Experts. In order to be considered as one of their team auto body shops you must have several qualifications. Some of them are a customer satisfaction follow-up system, approved business management system, minimum facility requirement , CIC Shop Class A, participate in Collision Repair and more. You can feel good about the shop you find near you.


Respect is something you earn according to many people. If that is the case, how does lack of respect come about? I think it has a lot to do with parents not doing a good job of parenting. We have a neighbor that told Bill that she had some kids in her yard that were picking apples from her tree. When she asked the young boys what they were doing they replied , "picking apples". They didn't seem to mind that our neighbor was sitting on her deck watching them trespass and take what they knew was not theirs. Our neighbor wouldn't have minded if the boys were picking the apples to eat but the disrespectful attitude they had and the fact they went down the street and threw apples in the street caused a bit of annoyance. I really don't blame her at all.

Outdoor Lighting

This past weekend I was out working in the yard. I was trimming back some of my flower pots. They have begun to droop. As I looked around I noticed that the outdoor lighting fixtures were beginning to look a little bit rough. I mentioned to my husband that we may want to replace them soon. He didn't think that it had been that long since we had done that. I guess we'll be looking for something of better quality.

Sunday, August 24, 2008


My husband has golfed for many years. He loves the game and could play everyday I think. I decided that I better give it a try and see if I liked the sport. My son finally got me out there last summer a couple of times. It seems enjoyable, but I really need some help. I'm not very good at all. I have been out one time this summer and am not improving much. I will continue to try though.

Auto Repair

Throughout the years we have had our share of auto repairs. With having five drivers in our family at one point, we found ourselves looking for an auto body repair shop a few times. There have been situations when it was difficult knowing who to turn too. Now with collision repair experts we could go on line and find an expert in that field that would be available to us in our area. With these collision repair experts you can know your vehicle is in good hands.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Dr. Phil

I am usually not sitting with the TV on, but with the arrival of our new furniture I decided to sit in the family room and post. Dr. Phil is on and they are talking about getting in shape for summer. Who doesn't think about that? I know I do. The past few summers have come and gone without my losing any weight. I have started to use my elliptical machine some. It does help me to feel better. I was interested in a swim suit line that they were showing on this program. It appeared to make a person look more firm and in shape. I may have to go on line and see what that line of suits was called.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Michael Phelps


I have found that I am feeling tired quite often. I was just thinking this morning, it might be an age thing. Then I had a patient come in the office and they were talking about how tired they always feel. She then said, she feels it's due to age. I just had to smile because that was my exact thought. I think I better go to bed soon.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Baby Bedding

Almost a year ago now, we had the joy of two births in our family. Becoming grandparents for the first time was amazing! We have been enjoying watching them grow and change before our eyes. Shopping for them has also been a lot of fun. We have found items like baby toys, baby bedding, clothes, diaper bags, slings and more. There is so much out there. It's just the greatest!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


It's that time again. I have been trying to keep up with balancing my checkbook. It is a continual battle. A week or two can fly by and I realize it's that time again. There is a variety of tasks that a person must complete and keep up to date. This is one of them, or you can find yourself having problems. It is on my to-do list for today. Hopefully I will get it done.

Medical Insurance

We like traveling and have done quite a bit of it through out the years. There are many things to consider when traveling. Not only do we need to plan out the destination, but also budget funds,book flights, motels, check into travel medical insurance and research entertainment. It's always well worth the time invested to relax and enjoy some time away.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Online Music

Lately we have been listening to music online while working on the computer. Bill has Christian station Life 101.9 on right now. There is a speaker on right now but they usually have wonderful music playing. It is a station that we listen to while in the car also. We have XM radio but we sometimes forget the unit at home. Today I had some errands to do so I took the XM unit from the house but forgot to take the remote. I called Bill to find out how to run it without the remote. He didn't remember either so he called Scott. I am glad Scott knew how to work it.

Beauty Schools in Texas

If you are looking for beauty schools in texas, check out the Regency Beauty Institute. They were founded in Minneapolis Minnesota over fifty years ago. Regency continues to expand from 2 schools in Minnesota in 2002, to 30 campuses across nine different states. With their unique approach to cosmetology education, they are drawing attention. The campuses are set up like upscale salons. This benefits the students as well as the communities. The students gain experience, providing great quality at discounted prices to the public, all done under faculty supervision. So whether it is Texas or another location you are interested in, don't forget to check out Regency Beauty Institute.

Dust Bunnies

Tonight I saw some big dust bunnies. Bill was cleaning behind and under the refrigerator because we are getting new kitchen flooring on Friday. We probably hadn't moved the frig for about eight years. It was quite dusty. We found some old pictures too. I have several pictures on the frig held by magnets and I guess some of them fell without me knowing it. It looks much better. Thanks Bill.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Floor Vents

Today our new floor vents were delivered to the house. We had been waiting for several weeks because they had been back ordered. They are from a company that makes custom vents. I was a bit concerned that they wouldn't fit or wouldn't be good quality. I had no reason to fret because they fit perfectly and are very good quality. Some are brushed nickel and some are brushed gold. Our original vents were a larger size than what we could find in the local stores. Bill did a google search for vents and found I am glad he did.

Apogee Condo South Beach

People up North often talk about retiring in the South. There are many beautiful locations to choose from and Florida happens to be one of them. The Apogee Condo South Beach is an ultimate luxury, residential development. The Creator of these lavish condos is Jorge M. Perez. It is known that they are his top choice in the work he has completed. He has even purchased a unit for himself there. The prime location of these condos it the southern tip of the South Beach. These elegant condo buildings start out at three million and the high end is at around ten million. They are the elite with only 68 residences. Browse this site and see how magnificent they really are.


There is nothing quite like motherhood. There have been many different hats that I have worn throughout the years. Bill use to be on a schedule of days and nights. I sometimes felt like a single mom. So, I then had to fill the mom/dad role. I have worn the chief hat, seamstress hat, the maid hat, banker hat, taxi driver hat and more. There are many roles a mom must fill. It is one of the best experiences of my life.


It's getting to be about that time. Supper time! I am feeling the hunger pangs. Now, what do we have? That is always the big question. Preparing the food isn't the tough part, it's deciding. When we were first married I made a list and hung it in the pantry door in the kitchen. That way if I couldn't think of different ideas, I could just look at some of the meals we enjoy. Maybe I need to do that again sometime.

Beach Chair

Where do I want to be right now? Well, sitting on a beach in a nice Beach Chair with a cold glass of lemonade, sounds wonderful. I would like to be staring out over the ocean, listening to the seagulls above. To unwind on a beach is awesome. You need to have the proper beach gear to do it right though. Now you can find all you need on one site. They carry beach umbrellas, beach bags, beach towels, beach carts, beachwear, beach chairs and more. Just about anything you can think of. The has been serving us beach bums since 1999. They have vast selection of quality beach products. Browse their site for yourself.


Well, I think I'm going to have to give up on my flowers outdoors. I don't know what happen to them, but they look awful. About a month ago we had a really hard rain. They were looking great at the time. Blooming, green and full. Within a couple of days they green leaves started to shrivel and turn brown. Now the blooms are drying up and the plants just look awful. I'm not sure what was in that rain.

Windows Versions

We currently have Windows XP on our computer. We had Windows 2000 on the last one and it worked very well. The one before that was Windows ME which we had a lot of problems with. I want my computer to work the way it is supposed to. We have family members with Vista on their computers but I really don't know much about it. I remember our first computer. It had Windows 98 and a huge hard drive and very fast processor. I should say, for the computers back then it was huge and fast. By the standards today it was very small and slow. Thank goodness for technology.

Paintball Masks

There are all kinds of sports out there. One that people may not always think of is Paintball. Young and old alike can enjoy this sport. With you will find Paintball and Airsoft Gear at great prices! They offer an awesome line of Paintball guns, Paintball goggles, Airsoft equipment and other gear. Along with the great low prices, they have free shipping. You can't beat that. Zephyr Sports is continuing to expand and is also carrying hats, hoodies, jerseys, paintball masks, paintball field gear and other accessories. You can find pretty much what ever you need for the sport. Check them out today.

Photo Software

We were having trouble with our photo software on the computer so we installed a new program last night. I think we are going to like it a lot. It is called Photo Explosion Deluxe. When we installed it all of the pictures on the computer were synchronized to this new program. I hope it is very user friendly.

Granite Vanity Top

Recently we had an oak vanity made for our bathroom. We decided to put a granite top on it. It is a standard size and I was expecting to pay several hundred dollars on the granite. We were pleasantly surprised that it was only $199. I know that may seem high but it was much less than we thought. The store where we bought it said that since it was in stock it was quite a bit less expensive. It would have cost almost double. I did learn that the granite needed a sealer applied to it. At first we were seeing marks from the water on the granite. After we sealed it we have had no problem. We love it.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Las Vegas Vacations

We are travelers. We enjoy taking a fun relaxing vacation We have been to a lot of different locations, but the Las Vegas vacations are exciting. There is so much to do there. From Night Clubs, to Las Vegas Shows, attractions and more. On this Las Vegas Website you will find some of the best entertainment as well as prices. If you are looking for a hotel, this is your site. Find the true local flavor in all Vegas has to offer. It will be a trip of a lifetime. See what the "Best of Vegas" is. Browse their website for more information.


Bill and I use to sit and watch a good movie on the weekends. Now that summer has arrived, we seem to be too busy to slow down. We are either working in the yard or on the house. Or many times we are not even home. We travel to see our kids and have enjoyed their company. Winter will come and we can slow down again. Hopefully...

E85 Fuel

We have a gas station in town that now sells the E85 fuel. We don't own a vehicle that will take the E85 but there are more of them around all the time. I have heard that the gas mileage isn't as good, but it is cheaper. It is suppose to be better for the environment. Maybe our next car will use it.

Blister Relief

Now there is Blister Relief for those aching feet. I find when I am breaking in a new pair of shoes, I can begin to develop blisters. It is not fun to deal with. With ENGO patches you can find relief. These patches are manufactured by Tamarack Habilitation Technologies, Inc. They were awarded National Health & Wellness Club (NHWC) Seal of Approval. The company will be releasing reviews and testimonials in print, this fall. People are saying how amazing this product is! It's simple and works so well! Sounds like something I need to give a try. How about you?


I can't hardly believe that summer is almost gone already. Our winters seem to get longer and longer. The colder weather can start as early as the end of September and go all the way until May, at times. This past spring we suffered with rains, tornadoes and flooding. We have had a few pleasant months and now fall is around the corner. Bill and I really don't mind the cooler weather, we just dislike driving in the snow and ice. I guess we chose to live her.


I am not sure why, but I have a thing for clocks. I have a different kind in every room of my home. Some rooms even have multiples. They are fascinating to me. Even though I am not in need of anymore clocks, I still find myself shopping for them. Isn't that weird? I really have to just STOP!

Stock Option Trading

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A new member in the family...

I commented recently on the fun weekend we had and the chance we got to meet Jake's new kitty, Mylie. She is such a sweet little kitty....already litter trained and takes well to people. Our granddaughter even liked her. In fact, she liked her so much that she was crawling and following her around everywhere she went. Unfortunately babies are the one thing Mylie is still unsure of. She usually went the other way when she saw Kaelyn coming. Hopefully with time she will get used to Kaelyn and they can play together. I think naturally, Mylie just needs to get used to her new family.

Migraine Headaches

Do you suffer from migraines? They are something that I deal with from time to time. My daughter and daughter in law also have gotten migraines before and they are no fun!! They are something that can have you feeling sick to your stomach and laid up in bed with the blankets over your head until the pain ceases. It really can ruin your day and makes it difficult to do daily tasks. Thankfully there are medications out there that work pretty well in helping to take the edge off. The unfortunate thing about these medications is that they often make a person tired, and can take quite a while to begin working. Oh well, relief is always good even if it takes a while.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Ford Mustang Radiator

Who out there hasn't had some car problem issues? I think that most of us have at sometime or another. Today it has become easier then ever to find parts and assistance with what is needing repair on our vehicle. is a prefect example of that. This company is a leading online resource for radiators and cooling components. With their excellent quality and awesome low prices, you are sure to be satisfied. Are you needing a Ford Mustang Radiator or may something else? Click on and browse and see what you can find. You won't be disappointed in all you will see.


Sometimes when I am sitting at the computer, I find that my arms and legs are going numb and fingers are starting to tingle. I'm not sure if it's due to the chair I have, the height of the desk or just the way I am sitting. If I find myself posting a great deal. I can become quite sore and miserable. I may have to sit with some ice on my shoulder later on tonight.


Something that I am not very good at is relaxing. It seems that I am on the go constantly. I told Bill yesterday that I know I need to slow down, read my Bible and spend time with God. I enjoy the things that I do but there are priorities in life. I know that when I keep God first and foremost in my life I actually get more done and enjoy life even more.

Baby Shops

My daughter and daughter in-law are first time moms. Today you can find vast amount of information on the internet. With it is broken down for you by area, zip code, city and neighborhood. The categories cover such things as baby shops, baby furniture stores, breast feeding rentals, nurses, nannies, pediatricians, music and gym classes and so much more. This site can answer simple questions like "where can I get a baby haircut"? There is so much to learn and gain by browsing this website. Search by product type or brand. You can click and compare products. Check for yourself.

Old Laptop

We had problems with our laptop so we are using an old one for a spare. We have our desktop too, thankfully! This old laptop is several years past its prime and it seems so much slower than the newer ones. We are having our other one repaired. It wouldn't boot up properly. Apparently it is going to be easy to fix. I will be glad to be able to use it again. As I sit here posting, Bill is on the desktop and having no problem going from one internet site to another. I'll be happy to get ours back so I don't need to use this dinosaur of a computer.


Today there were storms in the area but no damage was reported thankfully. We could use a little rain but the storms are not welcome at all. We have had our share of them this year. This morning it was very humid outside and some of our windows had a lot of moisture on the outside of them. The forecast is for rain tonight and early tomorrow. That would be a good thing.

Ford Mustang Radiator

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We have been doing so many different projects around the house. Tonight my husband Bill is cleaning out and painting the pantry. This friday we will be having new flooring laid in the kitchen, so we wanted the closet clean and fresh. Sounds like he is almost done with it.


I have allergies to animals. If it is a non-shedding dog, it's now quite so bad. Cats have always been one of my big triggers. Growing up, my eyes would about swell shut. Now my son Jake has decided to get a kitten. I was around her this past weekend and I found that as long as I didn't handle her much and I washed my hands and face after I did, that was wasn't too bad. Jake has been using the FURminator brush on her. It takes the loose hair out and leaves her pretty much non-shedding, which is wonderful. That helps a lot.

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Saturday, August 2, 2008


I was having great success with my flowers this summer. In the past couple of weeks they have seemed to droop and wilt. No matter what I have tried, they appear brown and as though they are drying up. I am careful to water them and even added plant food for them. It was very strange that around the same time that my flowers started to fail, others around the area were seeing a similar reaction in their plants. I'm not sure what has changed, but it's sure to bad. They were so big and beautiful. I guess I'll try again next spring.

Picture from Millet In Bloom

Acne Control

As most of us know, the teen years can be difficult for some. There is the peer pressure and the bullies that harass kids. A child that has a struggle with skin issues can be in need of acne control. It is just another area that they will struggle with some of their peers if not taken care of. There are many products out there that can assist with this problem.

Diet Pills

A healthy lifestyle is so important. So many people are busy and tend to let themselves go. It is difficult to eat right and exercise when you feel you are burning the candle at both ends. There are many over weight people out there today that are searching for a way to feel better. It may be with diet pills, surgery or some other methods. What ever it may be health is very important to each one of us.

Colon Cleanser

My husband and I know that we need to take better care of our bodies. We need to begin with a healthier diet and more exercise. We did invest in an elliptical machine which is great to have in our home. There are other methods to a healthier lifestyle. The colon cleanser is suppose to give an internal cleansing, purify, revitalize and detoxify the body. We have had friends and family that have tried this and are promoting it to others. It might be worth looking into.