Thursday, December 6, 2012

New Carpet

We recently got new carpet for our basement.  We had bare cement before and the carpet is a welcome sight.  The cement floors were causing us to cough quite a bit too.  I guess it was from the cement dust down there.  We have enjoyed being in the basement lately, enjoying the warmth of the family room.  It is a nice extra space in our home.  I am glad it is done.

Texting While Driving

Several states now have laws against texting while driving.  I agree it is a very dangerous thing to do when driving.  There have been many accidents related to this.  I personally think anything that distracts a driver is a bad thing and I think there should be laws in place and hefty fines to be paid.  There are some that read or eat while driving too.  Please don't do anything while driving that will distract you and cause an accident.

Challenge Coins

With Christmas upon us you may be wondering what to purchase for that individual who has everything.  Well, there is always the unique and personal here for challenge coins.  You can have them made up for just about anything.  The site is easy and reasonable.