Monday, April 30, 2012


It's that time of year again. The masses flee for the swimming pools. The hot weather brings out that urge for water. There is upkeep for these water parks. I'm sure they are using someraypak pool supplies. When we're swimming, we're usually not thinking about all it takes to keep things running.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

H&R Block Coupons

I love shopping. I've learned that there are sites that can help me to save even more. Whether its h&r block coupons or another type of saving, it's great to find a coupon to knock off some of the expense. I'm always looking for free shipping as well as a discount.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

American Idol

The article written by Geraldo Russo

My dad loves to watch American Idol. He says it is awesome because you are having the chance to watch someone make his or her dreams come true. I had never really thought about it in that sense before, but when he said that, I understood what he meant. American Idol is such a great concept because it gives everyday people the chance to pursue their dreams. We have satellite TV from, and twice a week we tune in to see the performances and the resulting eliminations. This is the first season that I have voted for a contestant although we have been fans of the show for years. There is one guy this year who I think is simply amazing. It is crazy to think that without American Idol, tremendously talented individuals would have possibly never had the chance to pursue a career in the music industry. It is possible that somewhere a waiter or a mechanic is going to make millions selling records because of American Idol. It is awesome that there is an avenue for people to pursue their dreams. Seeing the performers every week is like watching someone live out what they have always wanted to do.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Airbrush Makeup

Times are sure changing. Now there is airbrush makeup and also airbrush tanning. With all of the scare of cancer from tanning, it makes me think that this type of tanning might be the way to go. They are saying that the sun is not safe for our skin now a days and to be sure to wear sunblock when being outdoors. With my son's wedding quickly approaching, I may have to check into this.


Well, here we are in the warm and dry house while the gentle rain is falling outside. It is a very welcomed rain too. I do have to say that we are needing some grass seed after my husband sprayed the yard. He used the same sprayer for both weed killer and also grass killer. Oops. Big mistake on his part. We did buy some seed and fertilizer but have yet to apply it.