Sunday, December 30, 2007

Baby Shops

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When we traveled to the southern part of the state this weekend, we found that they had quite a bit more snow then we have up north. We were surprised. We are usually the ones getting all of the white stuff. We had nice traveling weather and was sure happy that we were able to attend our grandson's baby dedication Diana's families home church. It was a fun time.

Cool Night

Tonight is going to be a cool night. There seems to be a little moisture in the air. We don't have much snow, which is fine with me. I am looking forward to spring already. I know that there are many people that love winter but I am not one of them. I much prefer the nice, warm weather.

Wedding Planning

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This past weekend there were several football games on television. Actually, I didn't watch any of them but the guys in the house had the games on pretty much all of the time. I was busy doing other things so I really didn't mind. I probably wouldn't have watched the games anyway.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Late Supper

Tonight Bill and I took down the Christmas decorations before we even thought about supper. That means that our meal is going to be pretty late. Supper is now in the oven, so by the time I get done with some posting it should be ready. We had left over ham from Christmas so we are having scalloped potatoes and ham. It sounds good to me.

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Slick Roads

This morning the roads were very slick. We didn't have much snow at all but there seemed to be a layer of ice in town and on the highways. I heard there were several vehicles in the ditches in our area. Some people don't slow down like they should, resulting in problems. I guess I'd like to think that I am a cautious driver.

The House Is Quiet

We have had such a great time with all of the kids home. There have been 8 adults and 2 babies around for several days. Never a dull moment. We all get along great and totally enjoyed spending time with each other. Now everyone has left and Jake is the only one still here. He has gone to the city for the night and the house is quiet. It's seems strange to not hear babies, chatter and laughter. We may all get together again next weekend. :)

Accord Radiator

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Christmas is such a wonderful time. It brings us back to the focus of what's really important. Remembering what Jesus Christ has done for us and celebrating His birthday. Our family was all together and two new family members besides. The babies were on their own schedules. Both opposite of each other. It was fun to watch.


There are times that it would be so nice to just clothes my eyes and take a nap. I remember back in kindergarten when we would have a snack of milk and cookies before laying down on our mats to rest before the remainder of the school day. It was probably wonderful for the teacher also to have all those little kids taking a little snooze. Some of the kids would sleep so soundly that it was hard for the teachers to wake them. Those were the days.

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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Babies Are Here!

We have been having such a great time with our family! They have all been home including the new little babies. We have been taking so many pictures. When we sit them together and take pictures, it sure reminds me of the past. They are so similar to Josh and Jenna when they were babies. Uncle Jake is sure proud! He loves those babies. What fun they are!

Saturday, December 22, 2007


Do you ever feel like you are running out of ideas to post on? I admit that there are times when I need to stop and think about what I want to write about. Then, all of a sudden, I think of several things that I can go on and on about. There are so many things that occur during the day that are of interest to me and hopefully to other people also.


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Whether we use a digital camera or video camera, we are going to be busy loading them up this Christmas. It will be fun to click and film away as we gather with family. With the new digital cameras it is easy to see if you have taken a good picture or not. It you have you keep it and if not, well you just delete it. It is so handy with all the new technology. And both the camera and video can be hooked up to the computer so we can share these memories with others.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007


There are many people who are torn on their thoughts about casinos. Some think they are simply a wonderful place to gather and socialize. Others feel strongly that there should be no casinos at all. In many states there are none, while in others they seem to be everywhere. There are some benefits financially to the surrounding area of the casino but there are also those that suffer financially due to the same facility. It does seem odd that casinos have pamphlets for those who are addicted to gambling but on the other hand are very glad that people come to be patrons. We definitely won't all agree on this subject and hopefully those that shouldn't be at a casino, won't be at a casino.

Capella University

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House Cleaning

With the family coming to my house soon I want to get the house in order. I usually clean on a certain day but this week I am going to clean when I can. It has been a busy week already and I figure that I will just clean as I have the opportunity. Bill will help too which will be a big help. Zoe gets her hair cut this week also but Bill can take her to the appointment.

Warm Weather

This week is supposed to be quite warm compared to what it has been. That is fine with me. I would like to get rid of some ice and snow. Plus, with Christmas traveling it will be nice to have clear roads to drive on. I agree with many others that it would be nice to have a little snow on Christmas but what we have already is enough for me.

Masters Degree In Counseling

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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Brag Books

We have been showing our brag books with grand babies pictures to everyone who will take the time to look at them. I told Bill he needed to carry the books all of the time. He went to the YMCA the other day and didn't have his books with him. He said he wished he had taken them because there were people there that hadn't seen the babies yet. He has learned since then to TAKE THE BOOKS.

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Friday, December 14, 2007


It is Friday already which means we are on the downhill slide towards the weekend. People enjoy their weekends for different reasons. For us it means that our work week is done and we can get more done around the house. We like going to church together on Sunday too. The weeks seem to just fly by.

Hotel Reservations

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Phone Calls

Are you tired of getting all of the political phone calls? I sure am. Apparently since they aren't soliciting for money they can keep calling. I especially don't like getting recorded messages. It seems like all the political stuff started way too early too. People are going to be tired of it before election time.

Bull Bar

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Thursday, December 13, 2007


It is sad to see and hear much of the news today. Some of it really doesn't need to be mentioned because it just makes people fearful and depressed. There has been so much tragedy in the US lately with shootings and other criminal acts. Sometimes I think that people know that they will be in the news if they commit crimes. They really shouldn't get the attention that they do.

Home For Christmas

We are so thrilled and thankful that all the kids will be home for Christmas. I know it is hard when they have other family to consider. We want them to know that we will work around their schedules so they don't have to be stressed about trying to get to our house and in-laws too.

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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

New Ring

I got my Christmas present early this year. Bill bought me a new diamond for my wedding ring. He is always good to get me things that I really enjoy and people who know me realize that I like jewelry. I think I am pretty easy to buy for. Usually I show Bill what I want so it is pretty simple for him.


I know it isn't the most pleasant job in the winter time but Bill has been keeping up with the shoveling pretty well. It was hard to get the ice off the driveway but it looks much better. Our driveway opens towards the northeast and doesn't get a lot of sunshine like other parts of the yard.

Walt Disney World Tickets

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Kohl's Wrapping Paper

With Christmas almost here, there are all kinds of prints and thicknesses to the wrapping paper out there today. We started out buying some rolls from one store. A couple of the rolls were way to thin and one roll smelled like some type of fuel. We returned it. Then we went and purchased some paper at Kohl's. We really liked it and we got a great price on it. That's were we'll be buying our wrapping paper from now one.


We were shopping in Sears today. We hadn't been in there for quite sometime. It is on the other side of town and we just don't seem to get over there. We were very pleased with what we found. Bill had fun in the tool area and we both had a good time in the baby department. There are so many cute things for little ones. It was hard choosing.

Wholesale Flowers

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Little Heater

We have used a small electric heater in our home. I don't think it is very efficient but it serves a purpose during the very cold weather. It is something that we can keep in the closet until we want to use it. It didn't cost much either. We also tend to use blankets to cover with while watching television at night. It is nice to be warm.


I know that it is early to say but I am already tired of the politics on the television and radio. The candidates can really get nasty with each other. I wish we didn't even need a president. So many times you hear the backbiting, complaining about each other and negative thoughts. I think that the media is pretty much slanted towards a particular side when it comes to elections. I won't say which side that is but I am sure you can guess.

Las Vegas Shows

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Monday, December 10, 2007

Small Flakes

We are fortunate to have just small snow flakes falling this afternoon. We have probably gotten a couple inches of snow but it has fallen gently and the wind isn't blowing which makes it much better. Bill shoveled the deck and driveway and it didn't take long to do. There was a storm advisory until 6pm but I don't think it got as bad as some thought it would.

Online Finance

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Sunday, December 9, 2007


Well, another weekend comes to an end. It was sure fun to see Scott, Jen and Kaelyn this weekend. They came and stayed and went to church with us today. Kaelyn is such a sweetie. She is changing and growing so fast. I think she looks like her daddy a lot, but she also has a lot of her mommy. Boy, grand babies are fun. Sure wish Emry, our grand son, was closer. We'll be seeing him very soon!

Villas in Orlando

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Saturday, December 8, 2007


Well, it was my birthday the other day and Bill asked if I wanted to go out for supper. The other option was that he would make one of my favorite meals at home. That meal consists of meatballs and fried potatoes. Of course, I chose the homemade meal. It was awesome. I know I have told many people over the years that Bill is a good cook but I am saying it again. It was a great Birthday and I thanked the Lord for another birthday.

Zero Gravity Massage Chair

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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Online Orders

Sometimes it is pretty handy to buy things online. Not having to drive to the store, whether it is in town or out,is nice. I trust several of the stores online. I generally don't have any problems with them, although Bill just reminded me that we are waiting for some things that we ordered. I guess we need to call the company and see where our order is.

Care Homes

For a while now we have seen my husband's mother failing. She has Alzheimer's and no longer knows who anyone is. She is quiet and confused. When his dad passed away a year and half ago, we knew that she would need constant care and could not be left a lone. I wish at that time we would have known about the support that is available now to those searching for answers to important questions while going through the process. Bettercaring is a service that is there for you. They can help with questions you may have about care homes or just give you some information you were not aware of. It can help to set up the kind of care you want for your loved one. They have daily news and views where you can receive ideas from some of the experts in the field. There is also a forum that can give you a chance to visit back and forth with others in the same situation. I'm glad there are services like Bettercaring.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Getting Dark

It is about 7PM and already it seems to be dark out. Maybe it is just the weather outside today. It is very dark in the morning and it does tend to get dark early right now. On snowy days like this it would be nice to just stay in the house. I don't enjoy walking out of work and having it dark already. I feel like the day is gone.

Credit Card

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Outside Decorations

I love having decorations outside, during all of the seasons. Bill is pretty helpful but he doesn't like to attach things to the house. I guess I can't blame him because it can leave holes in our new siding. The icicle lights we use on the gutter don't hurt anything but we want to keep the siding looking nice. I think maybe we will decorate without putting holes in the house.


I enjoy Thanksgiving and getting together with family. It is important to me to remember that we have much to be thankful for. It is a time to thank God for the many blessings we have and to share with others. Some think of this time of year as end of harvest, beginning of fall or a multitude of other things but most of all let us remember why we are here on earth. Let us be thankful.

Buy Baby Gifts

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Exercise While On Vacation

Do you continue your exercise program even when you are vacationing? I don't always but when we visited Josh and his family recently I did try to keep up with a light workout. It was difficult because we had so many choices of what to eat because of the large area we were in. I also wanted to spend as much time with Josh, Di and Emry that I could so I had to squeeze the workouts in when I could. It was just something I had to do.

Time To Travel!

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Friday, November 30, 2007

Ebay Watching

I don't buy much on ebay but when I am interested in something on the site I tend to watch it quite often. The other night I had bid on an item and watched it into the next day. Of course,I lost the bid by $2.50. I realize that another person may have had a much higher maximum bid than what they won with but it was still a bummer to lose by such a small amount.

Grampa and Emry

When we went south to visit Emry our new grand son, he and Grampa hit it off right away. They made faces at each other and had a great time! Emry is so alert and sharp for being days old. It was tough to leave them all when heading back home, but we'll see them soon at Christmas time!

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Kaelyn Sue

We had such a great time at Thanksgiving. We enjoyed family and got to see Kaelyn our grand daughter. She is so sweet. She loves to stick her tongue out and has the most beautiful chocolate eyes. She's a keeper!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Lapband Surgery

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Wednesday, November 21, 2007


It sounds like the weather is about to change. The temperatures are due to be much cooler in the next day or so. Even in the southern states it could get as cold as in the 40 degree range. That is pretty cold and very different from what it has been recently. I guess winter is close but before we know it, spring will be here.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

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It's Late

It's been kind of a long day. It went fast though. Does that sound weird? Yea... Anyway, I did some blogging, got to hang out with my new grandson and watched the Nativity Movie. We didn't get it all watched, but will finish it tomorrow. Think I'll try to sleep in a bit.

Sales Leads

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Rolling Over

Jenna said that Kaelyn has been rolling over by herself. That is quite a job for a baby of just 18 days old. Jenna said that her baby book showed that she was about 4 months old before she rolled over. Kaelyn seems too little to be rolling over. I had forgotten how little ones act I guess. What will be next, somersaults?

Monday, November 19, 2007

Bath Time

Today Emry had a bath. He seemed to really enjoy it. He was kicking his little legs in the water and didn't even cry. That is pretty good for being less than a week old. He is such a sweetie. He hasn't been out very much yet due to his age but soon he will meet more and more people. There are so many of Josh and Di's friends that are eager to meet Emry. They have heard all about him but are wanting to actually see him. They will love him.


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Pictures Galore

We have taken a lot of pictures of our new grand kids. Some people take just enough to fill a small album but I like to take as many as I can. I already have four small brag books filled and plan on filling many more. I just don't think you can have enough pictures of grand kids. I know I will continue to take more as they grow. I have always been one that takes pictures of my kids and that will never change.

Night At The Movies

What movie do we want to watch? That is a big question that Josh asked us tonight. He has hundreds of them on DVD and I am sure he has seen them all. There are several that sound very good. Some we have seen already and some we haven't. I am not sure if I am in the mood for a romance movie or suspenseful one. I think Josh should decide.


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Garbage Day

Every Tues. is garbage pick up day in our neighborhood. We don't have nearly as much trash as we used to. In our town we have to buy trash bags from the store and then we can put out as many as we want on garbage day. Lately we only have one bag compared to three or four in the past.


Sometimes we don't take the time to eat breakfast. I know that it is a good meal to have but there are days when we skip it and wait for lunch. I enjoy having cereal or toast and Bill likes oatmeal or fruit. We always have juice in the house too and we both prefer grape over orange. I think we will try to better at making sure we eat a good breakfast.

Hair School

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Gas Prices

The price of gas at the pump has really been climbing lately. It is kind of a bummer to only get around ten gallons for thirty dollars. That seems ridiculous and I really would like to know if there is a good reason for the increase. I think it is mainly political. Hopefully the prices will go down again soon. I know I am not the only one that feels this way.

Wall Fountains

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Thumb Sucking

Some babies like to suck their thumb and some don't. I think that it helps the parents somewhat if a baby will suck a thumb but then you have to break the child from it later. When a baby cries very hard and is hungry it can be a big help if the little one will suck his/her thumb. I don't know if thumb sucking is any better than pacifier use. Everyone has their own idea. I guess it is up to the individual parent.Tonight Emry was sure enjoying his thumb.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Baby Product

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It seems like we have seen more and more people on motorcycles this past summer. I think they are dangerous and have never liked them. I know that there are many that enjoy to ride but I asked Bill to promise that he would never buy one. Fortunately, he said he agreed with me.

Trip Of A Lifetime

Where would you choose to go if you had the opportunity? I have thought about that and I am not sure where I would want to go. There are so many places that would be terrific to see. I know people that have been all around the world and some of those places sound better than others. I think a cruise would be fun, especially during the winter months.

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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Car Wash

This morning Bill took the pickup to the car wash. The truck hadn't been washed for quite a long time. It was so dusty from sitting in the driveway and really needed a bath. It looks for much better now. I don't think I would have wanted to drive it without having it cleaned first. I should say that I wouldn't want to ride in it because I have never actually driven it. Bill gives me a hard time because of that. He thinks I should drive it and see how much I like it. Maybe I will some day. Maybe not.

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Monday, November 12, 2007

Car Detailing

There is a guy that Bill used to work with that has a car detailing business. He has increased his fee from $50 to $125. In large cities they apparently get several times that. He does a very good job and likes what he does. Some people hardly recognize their vehicle when he gets done with the detailing. He just does this work on the side right now but has talked about taking it on full time.

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Through out my childhood I enjoyed watch Peanuts. They are so cute. Well, Jenna and I got talking about searching to see if I could find some of the classics. She did end up finding 6 different Holiday Peanuts. I think our grandkids will enjoy them along with Grampa and Grammy.

Junk Mail

We get so much junk mail! I get tired of getting it but I am not sure how to keep it from coming. From magazines to political stuff we get it all. I am sure most people get the same mailings in their boxes. Companies waste so much money sending all of that junk mail to people. We get loads of junk email too. I don't really know how people get emails and I realize that you can block some mail, but it is annoying to get junk.

Executive Placement

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Another Weekend Past

It is hard to imagine that another weekend is over. They go by so quickly, don't they? We had a busy time because we stayed at Jenna and Scott's house and helped with our new grand baby. It was so much fun. It is easy to forget how little a newborn is. I think it all came back to us pretty fast. Jake really enjoyed holding Kaelyn. I was impressed.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Temperature Change

In the area of the state that we live in the temperature has changed quite a lot. Today was very warm and I know a guy that planned on golfing. For almost the middle of November this is pretty awesome weather. I hope that this kind of weather continues for a long time.

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Friday, November 9, 2007


Zoe our bichon, has had a rough week. She is used to being number one. Now with the new grand baby, she is coming second and she knows it. She loves to get all of the attention and now that is just not possible. She can't figure out what this little baby is that is making all of these squeaky noises. It will be nice when she can get down on the floor with her and play. Zoe's still special to all of us.

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Bill and I don't watch a lot of TV, but we do have a few favorites we try to catch each week. Tuesdays we enjoy watching House. The first season we really liked it and then last year we weren't sure we would even continue to watch it at all. This season, so far, we are back into watching. We'll see if they can keep our interest. House is not a very nice man and sometimes they carry it way to far.


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WOW! I'm staying at my daughter's. She just had her first baby this past week. Kaelyn is so sweet. So last night there we were sitting down after supper when Scott noticed it was snowing. It was a beautiful light flowing snow. If snow can look beautiful. :) It softly fell to the ground. It didn't stick, I think the ground is still to warm. Not quite ready for that white stuff yet. I guess we don't get to choose do we?

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Payday Loans

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Excited Pooch

Zoe, our dog seems very excited to be around the new baby. She has wanted to get right up on our laps and check the little one out. I don't think she would try to hurt the baby but she gets quite worked up trying to be close. Zoe smells and tries to give Kaelyn kisses. Even though Zoe is a small dog, although heavier than she should be, we don't want her getting all worked up and accidentally stepping on the baby. As Kaelyn gets older I expect that she and Zoe will be good friends.

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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Setting The Clocks

Apparently someone has a lot of pull. I mean, someone must have made the decision to delay setting our clocks back an hour from last weekend to this last one. Who can make that call anyway? Did anyone call you and ask if it was ok to postpone the clock set back? I am sure you know that I am just kidding and I really don't mind the change but it is funny when I think that someone must have made that 'big' decision. With all of that said, I hope you didn't forget to set your clocks back one hour this past weekend.

Tooth Aches, OUCH!

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Computer Glitch

Today at work we had a computer glitch. The problem had to do with the computer not having some update that dealt with day light savings time. I guess since the clocks were originally supposed to be set back this past weekend our computer somehow messed up. We had a technician update the machine and it is now working fine.

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Tuesday, November 6, 2007


Today was the day of elections in our town. I didn't get the chance to vote because I was out of town. Bill went to vote before he went to work. There were only a few things that you could vote for, including mayor, parks and recreation board and city council. Our town is like many others in that most people don't get out and vote. I know there are times when people just can't get to their polling places. I was one of those people today. I do think that,if possible, everyone should vote.

Busy Day

Bill got home from work today and told me that his day was very busy. He said he hardly had time to have lunch. There are days like that I know. I am helping my daughter with her newborn daughter and it was a busy day for us too. I really don't mind because I am doing what I want to do and the day goes by very quickly when you are busy.

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Monday, November 5, 2007

Home Alone

I am sure you have heard of the Home Alone movies. Well, since I am helping my daughter and son in-law with their newborn baby(my grand baby), Bill is home alone. I even have Zoe with me. I am sure Bill will do fine. He is a good cook and will have plenty to do around the house. It isn't too often that we are not together but it won't be for long.

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Sunday, November 4, 2007

Oil Change

I think that we are due to get our oil changed in our vehicles. The service place used to put a sticker in the window showing when the oil was changed. I wish they would start doing that again so it reminds me to have it done. Actually, it is Bill's job to do that. I hope that he remembers when it was last serviced. He used to change the oil himself but it is a hassle then to find a place to haul the used oil. It is easier to have someone else do the work.

Math Tutors

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Life Is Good

Our daughter had a baby the other night which means we are now grandparents. Everything is going well and the baby comes home today from the hospital. I will be staying with them for a week to help cook, clean and be a grammy. I am so looking forward to it. Our son and daughter in-law are going to have a baby boy any day and then we get to go and stay with them too. They are going to have a boy. Life is good.

Innovative Tutor

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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Time To Go

Well, it is after supper and Zoe thinks she needs her walk. It seems so dark out at the supper hour right now. She does need her exercise. She is kind of a tubby little thing. I don't usually tell her that but she is a bit overweight. I guess I should be glad that she likes her walks and it's nice cause Bill is the one that takes her, not me.

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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Buying Pie

Tonight a young student came to the door selling everything from cookie dough and pastries to several different kinds of pie. It is something to benefit the middle school kids so they can raise money to go to Washington DC. I decided to buy a french silk pie. I have had them before and they are very good. So if a young person comes to your door selling for this school trip, help them out.

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Monday, October 29, 2007

New Homes

It seems like there has been a rash of new homes being built in our surrounding area. I have heard that many houses are in foreclosure so I am not sure how wise it is to be building at this time. I am happy to be in the house we have. There are times that Bill looks at other houses but I think it is smarter to stay where we are.

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It is about that time of year when many are planning on taking a vacation. I would enjoy taking off and going somewhere nice and warm. Maybe somewhere with a sandy beach and beautiful blue water. How about a cruise? Now that sounds like a wonderful trip. I have heard that the food on cruise ships are extremely good. I am getting hungry just thinking about it.


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Sunday, October 28, 2007

In, Out Of The Rain

On a night like this, it is nice to be inside where it is dry. It has rained a little bit tonight, just enough to make things messy. The temperatures have been comfortable at day and night. We have had the furnace on some but not too much yet. I think it would be nice if it stayed at this temperature all year.

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Friday, October 26, 2007


Tonight was grocery night for Bill and me. We usually see some people that we know while in the store. Tonight, as usual, we saw my uncle and aunt. They always eat at the same place every Friday night and then go to the store. We saw some other friends too who had their granddaughter with them. She is so cute. They had just come from having baby pictures taken. I am sure they will be great pictures.

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I know that I have mentioned the upcoming event of new grandbabies before but here I go again. The girls are due this weekend and each time the phone rings I am wondering if it is a call saying that the babies are here. I know that it could still be several days yet but then again it could be today. We are so excited.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Long day

It's been another long day. Got up early and started cleaning house some. Went to work and had an hour for lunch. Decided I would do some more cleaning while I was home. After work I got home and finished cleaning the house, made supper and did some blogging. It's now about 9:00PM and I think I'm ready to kick back and relax.

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We have been much better about not eating as much and especially staying away from extra helpings of food as well as desserts. Last night however, Bill jokingly asked 'did you make the cookies yet'? I joked back and asked him the same question. We held off and didn't make cookies or eat anything else after supper but it was tempting. Tonight maybe I will ask him about the cookies before he asks me. They sure sound good.


Does anyone out there watch this season's Survivor? I hadn't really been watching the show, but caught a little bit of it tonight. They had a challenge for each team. They had to eat specialty food. It was gross looking stuff like chicken hearts (raw), tiny little birds with feathers, very old eggs etc... Nasty... But they did it. I don't think I could be on that show. I wouldn't survive it. hehehe.............

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I have had to wear my glasses more than I want to. It is something that I never thought I would need. I have a pair in my desk at work and I have a couple different pair here at home. I can see far away but the glasses really help me see things up close. Bill bought some contact lenses a few years ago but they were mainly for his golfing. He said that his glasses would get in the way. He doesn't use the contacts very much any more. He mainly wears his glasses.

New Driver Safety

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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Time For A Walk

Here I am posting and guess who is begging to go outside. No, it isn't Bill. It is Zoe. She tends to want to go out often at night. She is sitting on the floor whining right now. She can be a real pain but we love her. Bill sometimes acts like he wouldn't mind if she wasn't here but I know differently. It isn't always fun to let her out so often but I don't really mind. It is her way of getting attention. I think I will see if Bill will take Zoe for a walk.

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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Royal Caribbean Cruise

I've been busy looking into cruises. They are so much fun! My husband and I took a cruise several years ago and felt that it was one of the best vacations ever. The Royal Caribbean ship line is awesome! They are beautiful and full of entertainment. Besides enjoying the ship you also get to visit some awesome locations. I think we'll go Royal Caribbean again.

Ladder Rack

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Some days are busier then others. At work today we had one gal gone due to illness and another gone due to a Doctor appointment. That's when you pick yourself up and say, "I can do this". The day went fine. Busy, but fine. It made the time fly, I know that. It's good to be home.

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Monday, October 22, 2007


Mom and dad came to visit and had lunch with me today. We had a nice chat and caught up on some things. Dad is feeling better and will have his second eye surgery tomorrow. Then he hopes to get his new glasses and be able to regain his "night time" drivers license. They were up here taking Holly, their Boston Terrier to the vet. She has some kind of a skin break out that needed some medical assistance. She is a very sweet dog.

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It's so nice to have a day off from work. I've been busy blogging and now my folks are going to stop by for awhile. I think I'll make us up some chili for lunch. I'm getting hungry. It will be nice to visit with them. I haven't seen them much lately.


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Twin's Birthday

My oldest children are twins. They had their 25th Birthday yesterday. One of them lives in Texas so we didn't get to see him, but we called and chatted and wished him a Happy Birthday. Our daughter is close enough that we drove up and made her one of her favorite meals and then took her and her husband out to a movie. It was "Rendition". It was a pretty good movie. We had a nice time and it was good for Jenna to get out since she is about due to have their first baby. :)

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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Home Made Pizza

Bill has wanted to make home made pizza for the past week. So one night he got his wish. I have to admit that his pizza is awesome. Over the years I have had pizza so much that there are times when I could do without it forever. But that night it sounded like a terrific meal, especially since I didn't have to make it.


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Friday, October 19, 2007


My sister was in town yesterday and we had lunch. We had a nice time. We also had stopped by my house and she was nice enough to let Zoe outside before we left. The door got left unlocked but Zoe was fine and didn't even try to get out. Bill thought it would be funny to send my sister an email saying that because she left the door unlocked, Zoe got out and was running around town until the police called. I didn't think is was that funny and I doubt that my sister did either. Then again, she knows Bill well enough that she might get a chuckle out of the whole deal. He can be such a joker.


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Cooling Off

Have you noticed that it has been cooling off outside lately? There have been some mornings that it has been only forty degrees out. I even turned the furnace on one day last week. I am sure we will have some warm days yet before winter. I hope so because Bill needs to get the Christmas lights hung on the gutter. It is amazing that the grass is still so green. We mowed last week and we may have to again soon.

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I got home last night before Bill and I started to do some posts. When Bill came in the house he said he would make one of my favorite meals, meatballs. He knows that is one of my all time favorite foods. He made some fried potatoes too. It is a meal that I have trouble not eating more than I should. It is so good. The best thing is, there are left overs.

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Sunday, October 14, 2007


Tomorrow starts another week of work. The weekends seem to go by very quickly. I told Bill yesterday that is seems that the days and weeks are flying by. I am sure that is partially because of the upcoming due dates of our first grand babies. We are looking forward to those events. I hope that Jenna and Di feel that their pregnancies have gone quickly. They both look great and have been feeling good too. We are very blessed.

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Isn't it wonderful the healing power of Forgiveness. It is not always easy in our lives to forgive, but God tells us that we are to forgive. When we do we feel better inside. "Forgive others as the Lord has forgiven you." If we walk in love and forgive from our hearts, we will be walking according to God's word.

Old Movies

Do you like to watch old movies? We have our favorites as I am sure you do. We like some of the older westerns. Some of the early John Wayne movies were really quite fun to watch. I know they were made way before I was born but they are still good. The James Stewart westerns were very good too. We recently watched one called 'Winchester 73'. It was a very good movie.


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Exercise Machine

A while back we purchased an Elliptical Machine. My daughter told me about it and said it is the last machine I will need to own. I would just love it. Well, I have been using it for about three weeks now. I do like it, which isn't bad since I hate to exercise. I have found that I can go longer and stronger in the mornings. The problem is that I don't always have time in the mornings, so I do it in the evenings then. O'well, as long as I'm doing it, right? :)

More Toys

Yesterday we bought some more toys for the grand kids. We found a used Little Tikes kitchen and lots of toy food and utensils. It is a kitchen just like our kids had when they were little. It is in very good condition and Bill already put in the basement with the rest of our purchases. We have quite the assortment of toys already. I am sure the little ones will have a blast with all of the stuff. We have a little work bench and tools which look like loads of fun.

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In Service

Last week I had a yearly training with the others from my office. We actually have more than one a year but it is the one where we go out of state to train. It went pretty well and I think we all had a nice time. Bill had a yearly training too from Wednesday until Friday. He got back on Friday and we met for supper on his way home. He has so many others in his work that they go to training in groups of forty or so. They stay in a motel at night and have class and outdoor training for two or three days. I think Bill likes to go but he enjoys coming home even more.


Our youngest son and his girlfriend have really gotten into golfing this past summer. Now with Fall upon us, it has become more difficult to be out there. The weather is crisp and the leaves are only in the way. I think they have taken up walking and exercising for the time being.

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Tired Zoe

Zoe spent last week with Jenna and Scott. She always enjoys staying with them. They treat her very well. I am sure she has fun at their house. Yesterday before we left their house Zoe was out in the back yard on her chain and went under the deck. Bill thought she was really stuck. It took a little doing to get her out. I think she could smell a bunny or something under the deck. Today she is very tired.

Feeding The Squirrels

Yesterday we stopped by a farmer friend's house and asked for some single ears of corn to have for our little squirrel in the back yard. The farmer told us we could fill the back of the pickup with corn. Bill told him that we didn't need that much. We did go into the field and picked a grocery bag full. We will keep it in the garage and have it available to put out in the yard. We had bought a small wire corn holder to hang on the tree. Bill just went outside and put another ear of corn in it. The squirrels are
fun to watch.

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Ocean's 13

Often Bill and I don't have enough time to sit down and watch a movie. We decided we would attempt to last night so we got out Ocean's 13 from our video library. It was a pretty good movie, but right at the end it froze, so we never did get to see the ending. Kind of a bummer. Maybe we'll have to catch it on TV sometime when it's out.

Veggie Tales

It's so strange after years of not having the sounds of children around our home, we are about to have two grand babies with us soon. We are already in high gear with buying up toys and most recently playing some new videos we now have. Veggie Tales are a cute Christian based group of animated characters that bring across a moral life message to children. We're collecting quite a selection of videos for the kids to enjoy.

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Saturday, October 13, 2007


Zoe has returned. Bill and I had to go away for classes this week, so we took Zoe to Scott and Jenna's for the week. It was sure quiet without her. She is always doing something to amuse us. If not that, then she is ringing her bell to let you know that she wants to make a trip outside for awhile. She's such a smart dog. I think she had a great time at the kid's place, but she was sure tired tonight.


It's getting late and I've been busy blogging. It's almost midnight so I better think about going to bed. Tomorrow is Sunday and I want to be rested. I enjoy Sundays. We'll go to church and worship and learn more about the Lord. You can never learn to much. You are either growing or moving backwards. There is no standing still. Keep seeking Him and growing. That's my desire.

Online University

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Dad's 80th Birthday

We held a surprise birthday party for my dad last weekend. It was a busy time, but we had so much fun! He turned 80 and had no idea we were putting together his dinner party. Quite a few family members were able to attend. He was given 80 gold $1 coins in a gold filled box. His eyes lite up when he opened it. It was great! Sure glad we surprised him.