Saturday, March 28, 2009

New Online

Someone told me yesterday that several newspaper companies were having financial problems because of the internet. People are reading the news online instead of paying for the newspaper. You can save quite a lot of money by not subscribing to a paper and just reading online. It is sad to think that companies may go out of business though due to this issue. We have noticed that the newspaper has also gotten smaller. Each page is thinner and not as wide. I think there may be something to all of this.

Friday, March 27, 2009


As I watched my children grow, along came many challenges. In high school there were a variety of events. Our children enjoyed attending the prom. Each year, for several years, we went shopping for dresses and tuxedos. The challenge was not so much with the tuxedos as it was with finding the perfect dress for the occasion. We always succeeded, but it was sometimes a timely and costly experience.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Barcode Scanners

There are a lot of small and large businesses today. In running a company or business a person finds that they are in need of office supplies of all kinds. Whether it be barcode scanners or computers, you will find it difficult to run your business smoothly without them. Improve your production with these handy tools of the trade. The barcode scanners translate a barcode into data like you would see on a computer. It will type it out for you.

Friday, March 13, 2009


I think it is that time. We are in need of some sun and relaxation. I'm not sure that we will get the sunshine portion of that wish, but we are going to take some time away soon. We enjoy great food, shopping, theaters and relaxing. Hopefully we will achieve a few of those.

Notebook Memory

We recently purchased another computer laptop. It is in use quite often. I am finding that we may need to look into more notebook memory for this computer. It seems to be bogging down and with my online business I just can't have that. I want to feel that I can download and keep what ever I am needing without lacking space to do so. I'm glad that there are online sites that can assist me with this.

Toll Free

My husband and I are looking at what we might decide to do with some of our monthly bills. We are currently using several different companies to cover our land line, cable and internet. With the land line we are beginning to think that maybe a toll free number attached to it might be a neat concept. I know on line there is information available for home, business and call centers. I will have to look into this a little deeper and see what is available.