Saturday, May 24, 2008

Supper Time

It's getting late and I think I may have to stop and have something for supper. I don't think we'll make it up to our daughters in time to eat with all of them tonight. I've been working as fast as I can, but just had to much to get done today. I still have other things to get done before leaving. O'well, it will all get done.

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Bill and I went for a haircut today. It always feels good to get it trimmed. You get to that point where you know it's time. I decided to just trim it and not do the high lights this visit. I think I'm going to like it. It seems healthier this way.


Isn't it something how today most of us carry around bottled water. When I was a child we drank out to the kitchen faucet. Now some think that it is not even safe to do that. I know I usually have a bottle sitting by me, but I have to wonder, is it really safe at all? They say the plastics are not safe. That a bottle sitting in heat will release toxins into the water. Then we drink it down. What today is really safe?


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I am so into clocks these days. I've been busy buying up new clocks for every room it seems. There are so many different styles and sizes out there. A color for every ones taste. It just seems to give that added touch to a room decor'.

Blue Tooth

Do any of you out there have a blue tooth with your cell phone? I absolutely love mine! I use it all of the time. I don't have to miss a call. My hands are free to keep doing what I am doing while I visit. It is so great! Check them out. They are amazing!

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I've decided it's time to replace some of my curtains. I have already made a change in the family room and living room , but now am moving on to our bedroom. Bill is busy putting up the new curtain rods as I post. He is a good guy. Always willing to help out. I'm liking the new look around here.


Our apple tree blossoms are starting to fall. It is a short lived time during the year that the blossoms appear and then fall. They are very pretty right now but soon they will be gone and we will see the little apples on the branches. Bill is tired of cleaning up the apples in the fall. Next year we plan on cutting down the tree and making room for a garage. Yeah!!


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Last night we went to the new Indiana Jones movie. Jake met us at the show. We had liked the previous Indiana movies but this one was pretty much a dud in my opinion. It was alien oriented and just wasn't as interesting as the others. I am sure Steven Spielberg will still make a lot of money on the film but I would not recommend this one to others.

Bird Bath

We have had a bird bath in the back yard for several years. It is quite heavy and never tips over no matter what the weather is. It is fun to watch the birds play in the water. When Kaelyn and Emry come to our house they can watch too. I know that they will love sitting on the deck and watching birds drink and bathe in the water.

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Thursday, May 22, 2008


Each year in our office we have to take CPR recertification. Tomorrow Bill has to go to class and take a test too. I heard there have been several changes since last year. Sometimes I wonder why there are so many changes. Is there really a need to change things? Doesn't the old way work any more. Is it so more booklets can be printed? I don't know the answer but I do think it is worthwhile to go through the class periodically. It is always a good refresher.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Dog Haircut

Our dog Zoe is such a nice dog. She loves to follow me around when I am home. I took her for her 6 week haircut a few days ago. I don't dare tell her we're going until minutes before leaving. She gets so excited about going. When we arrive, she often seems very nervous even though she is anxious to go. So anyway, I dropped her off at around 10AM and when I came back after 4PM they were just starting to bathe her. They hadn't trimmed her at all yet. They felt badly and set us up to return this week. We had to just take her along because we were leaving town. So I guess she was at least clean for the weekend. :)

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I have been working at transforming my home. A new look and feel is what I am hoping to accomplish. I have pretty much redone my bedroom walls and have now made the big purchase. I found a new bedroom Lafayette Bed in a Bag combo. It is very nice and I found it through Linens-N-Things on line. I am hoping to like it as much in person when it arrives. I will soon find out I guess.

Customer Service

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We had a busy, but fun weekend! We drove down to a college graduation for our son Jake's girlfriend Renee. She graduated with her BA in Health Promotions. she is considering going on for her Masters now. She will be working in the YMCA area of a huge company, John Deere, for the summer. We're so happy for her.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

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Garden Hose

Bill put out the garden hose the other day. We don't actually have a garden but we use the hose to spray the yard, fill the bird bath and clean the house siding. Since we have only a single garage it is hard to store the extra items such as hose. Bill seems to fit all the stuff in the garage. It isn't always the neatest but he makes it work.

New Carpet

Our church recently had new carpet installed in the sanctuary. It looks better than I thought it might. New overhead lights were hung also. Oh, and new coverings on the pews. I think that all of these items were in serious need of change. I don't know how many years since this work had been done before but it looks pretty nice.

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Down To Three

Tomorrow on American Idol there will only be three contestants left. It will be interesting to see who gets cut from the show. We didn't watch it much for the first few seasons but now try to watch each week. I know we all have our favorites and hope that he/she wins. No matter who actually wins the whole thing, all contestants will go on tour together and probably make a nice living.

Closet Space

We have quite a lot of closet space in our home. I guess I am used to the space that we have and it does us pretty well. The other day I saw a television program that showed a guy that had more closet space than I have ever seen. Actually it was more space than anyone I know could even use. It was absolutely huge and covered more than one floor of the house. It was full of clothes too!

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WOW! did it rain tonight. We have had some gorgeous weather the past couple of days. I know the farmers are really wanting some dry weather so they can stay out in those fields. I'm sure nicer weather is on it's way. We can sure pray for it.


As we watched American Idol tonight Jason Castro took some severe criticism from the judges. He forgot some of his lines which wasn't a good thing. I think he does have a tremendous following so even though he didn't do so well tonight he could remain in the competition. I still like him.

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The Deck

We bought some new furniture for our deck last summer. The table and chairs we had were still in good shape but I wanted something new. I wanted a different look so we got a small metal swing and a round table to match. I think that I am going to put a potted plant on the table. We also purchased a matching lounge chair so that guests will have a place to sit also. We really enjoyed it out there last summer. We can watch the rabbits, squirrels and birds from the deck. I think we have some bunnies living under the deck. Our dog, Zoe, knows they are there but can never seem to catch them. I know that Zoe would just play with them anyway.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Bed Time

Well, I think it's time for bed. It has been a long day. After work Bill and I had a lot to do around the house. We got some clothes washed, lawn mowed, a new light fixture installed, supper made and some posting done. It has been busy. Zoe just lays around and watches us. She sure sleeps a lot.


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New Neighbors

We have a rental house next door. Unfortunately we find ourselves receiving new neighbors just about every fall and spring. You just never know what type of kids you are going to get in there. It seems we have to make it known once again that this is a family neighborhood and that the parties will have to take place elsewhere. We'll have to see how it goes.

Work Day

Do you ever notice how some work days can just drag on and on and then other days can fly. They almost go to fast. I don't seem to have enough hours in the day. Today was kind of like that. I work work work and still have not caught up with all I want to get done. But at the end of the day I am tired and ready to head home.

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Sunday, May 4, 2008


This past week I was holding Zoe and when I put her down on the floor my knee twisted and hurt me throughout the night. It is like a little twinge just below the knee cap. It does feel better than it did and I hope it continues to get better. I have been having the same type of pain in my left foot. Hard to turn my foot.