Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Air Conditioning

You don't realize how much you appreciate your air conditioning until it stops working. We had a house full of family this past weekend and our air conditioner froze up and stopped working. Thank goodness the temps were mild so that it didn't become unbearable. Our great local plumbing company came out right away and got it running for us. It did take a while to cool down the house again. There were so many bodies. :)


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Funny Videos

Many funny videos can be seen on the internet. Some of them show babies dancing to music by Michael Jackson or other artists. They are fun to watch over and over. I don't know how they are made as well as they are, but I sure enjoy them. If you haven't seen them try a Google search to find one. You will laugh and laugh.

Sweet Corn

We had our first fresh sweet corn of the year this past weekend. It was a little bit young but had pretty good flavor. In the past we have frozen bags of corn for later in the year but it seems like we would then eat it several times a week and it would be gone by the winter months. In the next couple weeks we should expect some great tasting corn. Yum.

Covered Calls

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Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Bill's back had been bothering him so he was encouraged to go have a massage at the YMCA. He said that during the day before the massage he felt fine, but afterward his back was hurting. He had never had a professional massage before and doubt he will go back. His back has been much better lately due, in part, to more stretching.


We watched fireworks in Cedar Falls on the 4th of July and saw more of them here in our home town this past weekend. They were both very good displays and a good crowd was on hand to watch. Kaelyn and Emry seemed to enjoy them too. Even though they are only less than 2 years old they really watched intently to the whole show. It was fun to watch the kids even more than the fireworks.

Online College Courses

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I love to take pictures. This past weekend our kids were all home for Bill's birthday and also the yearly city celebration including fireworks. It is so nice to take digital pictures and keep what you want without wasting film. I am sure we took close to 200 pictures, many of the two grand kids. We download them to the computer and then order those that we want online. I love it!!


The only music I listen to is contemporary Christian. On my way to work I listen to the radio and when I get home I either listen to the radio or online. It tends to relax me as I work around the house. There are so many great songs and I never get tired of them. Try listening and see what it does for you.

Cubic Zirconium Jewelry

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Old Clock

We have an old clock hanging in our family room, but the minute hand keeps falling off. It looks like the hand has come off again. I would say that I put the minute hand back on at least twice a day. Well, maybe not that often. I am going to ask Bill to try and fix it because I am tired of attaching the loose minute hand and I love that clock.


We have a DVR in our home and it usually works fine. We recently had a problem where we couldn't watch our recorded shows. We took the machine to our cable provider and although they were great at replacing our DVR, it didn't help us with the shows we had already recorded. Oh well, I don't think we missed all that much.

Family Vacation

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Monday, July 20, 2009


Scott and Jenna brought their blow up pool to our house this weekend. Kaelyn and Emry had so much fun splashing in the water. I have to admit that I did too. We added several pails of hot water because it has been quite cool lately. We filled the pool a couple days ago and covered it with a tarp. We had a blast!!

Dog Ramps

We have a bichon. Her name is Zoe and she is such a sweetie. She can be a silly dog. She loves to sleep on our bed at night, but recently we purchased a new bed and bed frame. She can no longer jump up on the bed or jump down by herself. The bed is much higher now. So we have been shopping around and looking at dog ramps and steps. We have to give it a try.

Sunday, July 19, 2009


It was a great day to catch a short nap. Our family was here for the weekend and following church, lunch and playing outside with the little ones I was ready for a nap. I am now refreshed and ready to make supper. We had a blast while the kids and grand kids were here. It was a great weekend!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

How to lose fat!

It seems as I grow older that weight has become an issue. I think that I am not alone in this arena. Many people struggle to keep those unwanted pounds away. We all want to know how to lose fat
. Is it with a strict exercise program? Maybe it's some type of diet aid like diet pills. What ever may help, I think I'll be looking into it.

Friday, July 10, 2009


Like so many other Americans, my husband and I are struggling to keep our weight under control. Food just seems to taste better then ever. We enjoy eating out and we know that much of those foods can't be good for achieving our goal. I was reading about the different diet pills that are on the market today. Among them is lipofuze. It is suppose to be one of the best. We want to do what would be healthiest for our bodies.


We finally got our kids moved back from Texas. They lived there for four years and enjoyed it. But, once they had started their family they were itching to get back home. We're sure glad they did. It doesn't quite seem real yet, but we're sure happy!!