Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Some people have a knack for telling jokes and some of us don't.  I know those that can remember every joke they have ever heard.  Then there are those that need to have be able to read the joke.  I rarely remember them but one in particular I don't think I will forget.  Here it goes.

On a warm sunny day a state trooper was running radar when he checked a car going very slowly.  He stopped the elderly lady and approached the vehicle to see if she and her car were alright.   She told the trooper that she was just fine.  The trooper told the lady that she was only going 17 mph.  The lady responded by telling the trooper that she was going 17 because that is what the sign said.  The trooper had to chuckle as he told the lady that the sign was for the highway number and not for the speed limit.  The lady flashed a smile and laughed as well.  As the trooper was ready to let the lady be on her way he noticed another older woman in the passenger seat that looked very nervous.  The trooper asked if the passenger was ok and the driver said she was fine and that they just got off of highway 141.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Smart Phones

I was compensated for the following post, however all opinions are my own.

We have smart phones.  They can do a lot but they can't do it alone.  So, how smart are they?  Surely those who use them are smarter right?  I have to admit that I don't use my phone to it's fullest.  I have gotten better with it but still have a ways to go.  So maybe the phone is smart and is training and teaching me.  I think I will keep my smart phone.  I have fun with it and it is pretty handy.


I was compensated for the following post, however all opinions are my own.

We recently hauled down the rest of our youngest son's things.  He is now married and has his own home.  He was storing a couple of crate amps here that he use to use.  His large one was quite heavy.  They sure assisted in the sound of his guitars.


Over the years we have eaten lots of pizza.  I don't mind a good pizza once in awhile but it isn't my favorite food.  My husband and kids however love pizza and would like to eat it every week.  There are times that my husband will make a homemade pizza and I will eat another meal.  It has been well known to my family that I don't enjoy pizza like they do but that's ok.

Xotic Effects EP Booster

I was compensated for the following post, however all opinions are my own.

I learned a few things about music watching my son Jake play his guitars.  He would us amplifiers and an xotic effects ep booster.  It's amazing what you can do with the right equipment.  I loved listening to him play.  He taught himself.

Cookie Recipe

We have had a great cookie recipe for many years.  Recently our son in law tweaked the recipe and it is now better than ever.  We tend to make these cookies at least twice a month.  They freeze very nicely too.  It is great to grab some from the freezer once in awhile.  I haven't known anyone that doesn't enjoy the cookies.  They are great.