Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Monday, November 12, 2012


My daughters children recently had a picture taken together.  It turned out so cute.  They are such sweet children.

Dutch Masters

Growing up my dad loved to smoke.  He had the habit since he was quite young.  He learned to roll his own cigarettes and enjoyed a good pipe.  He also liked to smoke Dutch Masters cigars along with others.  He never gave it up.  It was an enjoyable past time for him I guess.

Otterbox iphone 5

My youngest son and son-in-law are into the latest technology.  They seem to often talk me into purchasing a new phone or some type of electronics that may go along with that or a computer.  I don't always understand it, but they sure do.  The otterbox iphone 5 looks interesting.  I may have to ask them about that.  It's nice to know someone who can answer all those questions you are unable to answer yourself.

Grass Seeding

It is fall and time to seed our yard.  It has been seeded before but with the drought this past summer we had to do it again.  We used a small gas powered, self propelled seeder.  It worked great but we ran out of seed just before getting the job done.  That was 50 pounds of grass seed.  I am sure next spring our yard will be looking great.  I am hoping it will look better than ever before.