Sunday, July 29, 2012

Where to buy the Baby Jogger City Select

My daughter has three small children. They are so precious. As they have added these precious little ones to their family, they were in need of bigger strollers. She sought out Where to buy the Baby Jogger City Select. They have such a neat selection to choose from. With mom's wanting to stay in shape, these strollers can assist in that pursuit

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Parade Fun

It's that time of year! Our daughter's family took in a local parade recently. The kids love to run for the candy. Looked like they had "bagged" a lot!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Fine Mailboxes

Today they make much better community mailboxes than they used to make. We bought a new home and it seems the entire neighborhood has purchased these fine mailboxes. Where there are many apartments you see apt mailboxes grouped together for everyone's convenience. In the commercial district, you often see commercial cluster mailboxes, as well. Where we used to live they had group mailboxes with three or four mailboxes in one spot to make it easier for the mailman. My Mom lives in a trailer court so they have multi unit mailboxes altogether and everyone goes to the same place to get their mail. They are locked and water proof so the mail is kept dry and safe. She has a key to get into her mailbox. If you order from a reliable company that makes all kinds of mailboxes, you can find the one or ones you need. I found you can also call them and get advice on what would be best for you and they have a toll free phone number.

Sunday, July 8, 2012


As we all know November and election time will be here soon. I am pretty tired of the negative campaign ads already. I want to vote for someone that says positive things, even about their opponent. To tear down the others running is just getting very old. How about running positive ads for a change? I think that some are pretty close to being lies and that just isn't right. It's not worth being deceitful to gain office. I wish everyone running would agree.

kaplan gre practice test

When my children were looking into grad school, they found that they had to test. A kaplan gre practice test would have been a great way to prepare. Often this score is needed for entry into some universities. There is a lot of demand put on an individual who wants to continue on with his or her education. It's so important today in the work market.

They seem to make everything these days. Knee walkers at I had never heard of them before. For those of you who have experienced an injury below the knee, this may just be the ticket for you. For that added assistance a person may be needing for a time. I recently had surgery below my knee and an infection set in. It has been quite painful and swollen. I'm sure thankful for healthy legs.


We recently did some landscaping around our home. It was quickly figured out that my husband and I never want to this work full-time. It is a lot of work! A skid loader would have been a great help but a shovel, rake and wheelbarrow was what we had to work with. We worked for much of the day and the end result was wonderful. I appreciate those people that do this work for a living. It is no wonder that it costs so much to do.
My husband commented that he didn't think we would get the work done in just one day. I think that huge pile of rock was forming a negative mind frame for him. But we did get the work done and it looks great.

Steel Building Canada

We have friends that have worked for many years putting up huge buildings. These quick steel building canada and other locations, are a nice way to go when needing storage of that size and magnitude. Our oldest son has a large building and it comes in handy for storing equipment, motorhomes, boats and other large items. My dad would have loved one of those.

Engraved Name Badges

I have worked in a field for most of my life where we where engraved name badges. I guess it's a nice way for patients to address us and also lets them know who they are dealing with or have dealt with. In some ways it can keep a person accountable. You will find that type of name badge in many professions. I personally think it's a great idea.

Psoriasis Symptoms

A person can experience dry skin in the winter months. When summer appears we can see eczema and Psoriasis Symptoms. There are many ways that an individual may try for treatment of these conditions. I know my grand son suffers with allergies and itchy skin. There are times when it seems to flare up much worse. Poor baby.