Sunday, January 31, 2010

Wealth of Knowledge

The Internet is a great way to continually learn new things. A day doesn't pass without coming across something I didn't know before. For instance, today I came across Diamond Fasteners. It obviously caught my attention because of the word 'diamond, so I started reading.

Diamond Fasteners is a distributor of Aerospace fasteners, components and electrical hardware. One thing in particular is their Helicoil Insterts, precision formed screw thread coils of stainless steel with a diamond shaped cross section. It was all very interesting to read about and I'm glad I had the opportunity to learn more about Diamond Fasetners and what they're all about.

Sunday, January 24, 2010


Our newest beautiful grandsons! Israel and Kaden are only twelve days apart. They are changing so quickly. Why do they have to grow up so fast. Their siblings are two years old already. I guess that's just the way it goes. We sure enjoy them all!

Thursday, January 21, 2010


My husband and I are starting to think about our retirement years. Thinking about how we would like to enjoy those times. There are some that love to see the countryside in motorhomes or just by flying from one destination to another. I'm sure we will do some traveling. I love a white sandy beach and warm sunshine. Especially this time of year. I guess we'll see what the future holds for us.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Deep Snow

We have more snow than usual this year. I am thankful that someone has been coming by to widen out the driveway. It is pretty hard packed snow too. We did have a very light and fluffy snow the other night but then the wind came up and packed it hard. I am ready for spring.

Weight Loss Success Stories

It's always nice to see and hear about weight loss success stories. It tends to motivate a person and encourage them to try. To know that others can and are doing it, makes me want to try. I will see others come into my work place looking so great. I know it's attainable and am going to set my mind on losing some weight.


It seems you can't turn around that you're not hearing about some kind of weight loss product or machine. I know with age it has become more of a concern for me also. At first I thought that maybe some type of diet and exercise program might work out for me. I have also researched different types of diet pills such as clinislim etc... It's important to do what is best for a healthier me.

Proactiv Reviews

Children are all so different. I have three and they are each such individuals. During the adolescent years one of my kids struggled with acne. I wanted to help all that I could. It's a difficult time for them. My niece began using the proactiv product. In reading proactiv reviews I have found that it is supported by many celebrities and has become well known. It's great that at the click of your mouse you can find much needed information.


They are now saying if you want to boost your health, reverse signs of aging, and add longevity to your lives, look into a hgh supplement. With time we all begin to feel the signs of age and are needing that shot of energy. Who wouldn't want improvement in your metabolism, energy, sleep patterns, and skin regeneration. All those things sound great! I guess I'll have to research this more.

Best Multivitamins

When I was younger I didn't give multivitamins a thought. Then as I grew older I began to hear more about living healthier and giving your body what it may be lacking from day to day. For myself personally, I feel I have found the best multivitamins out there. It seems to assist in helping my body to function and feel better. I think it's definitely a personal choice, but an important one. We all need to take care of ourselves.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Cubic Zirconia Earrings

Do you enjoy shopping for Jewelry? I know that I do. It is something I never get tired of doing. Jewelry changes with time. It is fashionable and can be a wonderful accessory. Holsted Jewelers has been doing business since 1971 and are happy and ready to assist you in your next jewelry purchase. They enjoy helping people to feel their best. Whether you are looking for cubic zirconia earrings or perhaps a watch or necklace, let Holsted Jewelers help you. You'll find great prices and special deals. You can't beat that. Look into their site and see for yourself all of the beautiful gems they are offering.
**I was paid for this post. My honest opinion was given and not swayed in any way.**

Saturday, January 2, 2010


It is a wonderful blessing to become grandparents! We have four grandchildren now. With two new arrivals shortly before Christmas, we now have three grandsons and one grand daughter. Words can not describe how awesome they are to us!

Health Savings Account

With the economy in the shape it is in, people are searching out new and creative ways to save money. Finding what is best for your personal needs is the objective. I now see those who are setting up a health savings account or possibly continuing on with a regular insurance policy. Each individual needs to come to terms with what might suit their needs best.


Technology has sure changed over the years. Only 20 years ago you wouldn't have found many computers, PDAs or iPhones in someones home. Now they are common place. With this advanced technology comes speed, time saving and great communication. I can no longer imagine not having my cell phone with me when I am traveling. Also, keeping in touch with so many friends and family on the computer is a plus! Yeah for technology!