Saturday, November 22, 2008

Cancun All Inclusive

We enjoy traveling especially in the winter months. With the chilly temperatures and all of that white stuff, a cancun all inclusive vacation sounds heavenly. A Karisma Hotel in the Mexican Riviera Maya is exactly what the Doctor ordered. These hotels are located on the beautiful white-sand beaches. With those perfect temperatures and amazing food, what's not to love? The level of service is impeccable not to mention the wonderful luxurious accommodations. There is great entertainment, hot tubs, hammocks, swim-up rooms with ocean views and more. It sounds like an awesome place to relax and forget about the cold temperatures back home. Click in and see how you too can be treated like gold.

Staying Warm

We are staying warm even though it is cold outside. It helps that we have our new fireplace in the addition. It was only about eight degrees yesterday morning and in the twenties today. They are saying that it may get up in the forties tomorrow. That will feel like a heat wave. Jake has been in LA this past week and he said it was between eighty and ninety there. He was actually sweating. I bet he's not anymore. He's back in cold country tonight. Then, of course, there are Josh and his family in Texas. It seems like it is always warm there.

A Month To Go

Only a month to go before Emry and Kaelyn get to spend time together. Our grandkids, Emry and Kaelyn are now one year old and will be able to hang around each other over Christmas. The haven't seen each other since this past summer and then only for a few hours. It will be great to have them together. I am sure they will get along great! I think Emry is beginning to walk and is laid back. Kaelyn is very talkative and has started to take some steps. They are both terrific little kids. It will be sooo much fun!

Cancun Vacation Packages

The winter weather is definitely here. With those cooler temperatures come thoughts of travel to a warmer climate. Many in the North Country enjoy doing that over the winter months. Now a person can look into cancun vacation packages. The Riviera Maya is a beautiful white-sand beach get-away. With the Karisma Hotels you can escape to the warmth and beauty and feel like gold. It is an amazing place to relax and enjoy their unique foods and indulgences. The service is impeccable and you can't go wrong with these great all-inclusive properties. It is something you won’t want to put off. Click in and see what they have to offer. You won’t be disappointed.

Snow Removal

Thankfully we did not get much snow last night. We, meaning Bill, cleans our driveway when it snows. That is, unless it snows a great amount. If it does we call a local farmer who moves snow when he isn't busy. He does a very nice job and doesn't charge too much. He uses his pickup with a blade on it. When we have a lot of snow it is worth paying him rather than shoveling. Just ask Bill.

Cheap Gas

I have enjoyed the fact that gas prices have fallen greatly but it is sad to think that $1.63 gas is cheap. That is what we paid for gas today. I heard on the radio the other day that it is expected to skyrocket when the economy gets better. I don't understand why it should go up so much when the economy improves. Right now, when things look bleak, we are paying less for gas. It seems like companies would want to see it remain at a lower price, but then again I am sure they want increased profits. Maybe there should be more controls on fuel in our country. I am not usually in favor of more government control but if companies can't do it by themselves I guess they may need help. It sounds like we could have produced huge amounts of fuel right here in our great country but the incoming government will stomp that idea into the ground. I wonder why that is. Do some politicians gain by not drilling here but instead doing business with other countries? It makes me wonder.

Designer Costume Jewelry

Tis the season! Jewelry is always a pleasant surprise for most women. With Holsted Jewelers you will find some of the finest designer costume jewelry around. Holsted Jewelers was founded in 1971 and are moving volumes for gifts and accessories to smart shoppers across the United States and abroad. With their top of the line standards and great customer service, you are sure to be pleased. They offer a vast assortment of today's designs and their prices are competitive. Check out their website and see how great you can look in a sensational piece of costume jewelry. It will look real and at an affordable price. Don't miss this one!

Grocery Day

Today we were shopping for a few things and got the groceries while we were at it. That is always a good thing to have done. It takes me a fair amount of time to make the grocery list. I am sure it takes about an hour to get through the store and haul the groceries to the car. We usually leave the grocery shopping for last so we can head for home afterward. As we unpacked today I noticed that one of my store purchases was nowhere to be found. Bill called the mall and found that they had found the bag and placed it in their lost and found. I was relieved that it had been found.

No Smoking

The news in Iowa the other day was that Gov. Culver's wife had been seen smoking in a state owned vehicle. Apparently a local news reporter witnessed this event while at a stop light. It is a violation to smoke in a state owned vehicle in Iowa and there can be a civil penalty. There had been many comments about this situation. Some of the blogs were very positive and well written while some really bashed the Gov. and his wife. She paid the fine and plans to quit smoking. Hopefully this will be the end of it rather than report it over and over. Things like this do make news but now that it has been, let it go.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Denver Restaurants

Denver Colorado is a wonderful city. The Denver magazine continues to cover many appealing aspects of this great mile high city. You will find Denver Restaurants, local and business news, political and cultural buzz and more. They are on the edge when it comes to fashion and style. The sports scene is amazing. They pride themselves on the levels of art influences in their great land. With the Rocky Mountains as their back drop, how can they go wrong? Check out the information the Denver Magazine has to offer. You will enjoy reading all about this amazing city. It would be a wonderful place to visit.


Do you ever notice the men in brown? They are the men of the United Postal Service. They are everywhere and doing a great job! Packages move quickly and are delivered safely. You are guaranteed to receive your precious boxes when traveling UPS. I sometimes feel sorry for these guys especially during the Holiday season. They are working long days in some very nasty weather, but they keep on going. Good job UPS! Keep up the good work.

Thursday, November 20, 2008


We have lived in our home for over 25 years now. I think for most of those 25 years, my husband has wanted to build a second garage. He has talked at times about carports and if that might be an option. I think we are finally coming to that time when we are going to make a decision on this subject.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Surround Sound

Do you have surround sound attached to your television? We have a system that was fairly inexpensive and use it often. It sounds fine for our purpose. I know there are others that cost hundreds of dollars but ours really does us just fine. If we had a better system hooked up beside the one we have I am sure we would notice a difference but since we don't have that, we can easily get by with what we have. Bottom line, a simple and cheap surround sound system is better than none at all. At least that is true for us.

Christian Books

Over the years we have collected a variety of books. They cover many subjects and often are motivational. We enjoy shopping for Christian books that can assist us in our studies of the Bible. Today a person can find an assortment of reading materials. They can be a great informational tool. Recently I was looking at awesome Christian Childrens books, CD's and DVD's. What a great way to help teach your children and grandchildren about God.

Great Buy!

I have always enjoyed shopping Now with the holidays drawing near, I am picking up speed in that area. The weeks fly and there is a lot to accomplish. Online shopping has become my friend. It is easy and quick. I can shop around and find the best buy for an item I am wanting or needing. I have completed over half of my Christmas list by online shopping.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Cutting Down

Bill and I are cutting down on snacks and also the size of helpings we are taking. It is difficult but we are doing pretty well so far. Some of the little candies that are out right now are sooo good. One of my favorites are the small Dove candies with almonds. I am glad they are small so I don't feel guilty having one. If they were large it would be tempting to eat the whole thing.

Diet Pills

Weight loss is a growing concern for many today. It seems that we are busy and grabbing the first thing we can find to eat. While having a hectic lifestyle, we don't seem to slow down and take the time to prepare a healthier meal for ourselves or family. We then find that we are searching for the best dietpills or weight loss program. It would be wonderful if we could just eat what ever we enjoy and not have a concern of gaining those extra pounds.


I don't know about you but I am very glad that the elections are over. It seems like it had been going on forever! I think there are many that got so tired of the process that they didn't even vote. I do think we have the responsibility to vote but I too was getting frustrated by all the ads on TV and in the papers. They claim that more people actually voted but did that include those that supposedly voted more than once? I don't know how that could actually occur but apparently it did.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Male Edge

We have all seen recent advertising on a variety of items. The medical field has sure advanced over the years, now we even see things on the TV ads and online promoting devices one would never have thought to be possible, such as a Penis enlargement device . This is a private and confidential matter for some and now you can go to to find out more information about a penis extender. You can join the Male Edge Forum to learn about the devices available for achieving a bigger penis. You no longer have to search, you can browse this website in the privacy of your own home.


I have a feeling that after this current election there are going to be those that would like to reconsider and have their votes back. Some think that the grass is greener on the other side and feel that voting in a different party is what the country needs. Is that what we need? Are we educated enough to make the right choice? I'd like to think so, but there are some people that don't even know who is running for president and they are voting. That is sad.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Oceanus Watches

Well, it's that time of year again. Christmas is just around the corner. My husband and I are trying to put together some lists and ideas for gifts. We have begun to ask our children what they are interested in receiving. My oldest son has been looking at Oceanus watches. He presently does not own a watch. He thinks it would come in handy at work. We will have to do some research on that item. Time is running out. We better get on that today.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Campaign

I will be very glad to have this current political season over with. This campaign has gone way too long in my opinion. Someone mentioned that in certain areas of the world candidates can only start campaigning a matter of weeks before election and also can only spend a certain amount of money. What would be wrong with that? Why do we need to have millions or maybe even billions spent on running for office. Does that mean the person with the most money wins? It would seem that way. Maybe the richest aren't the best for the job.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Disney Vacations

Through out the years raising our family, we enjoyed taking vacations. Each year we would plan a family trip that would take us away for at least a week. One of our favorite travels included Disney vacations. We went to Disney World several times and Disneyland also. The kids had the best time. You couldn't wipe the smiles from their faces. It is definitely a trip worth taking!